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Tom Carr, PhD, born 1956 in Tarragona, Spain, artist and professor is now preparing several projects that will be presented in different parts of Europe during the spring and summer of 2009.

Promotion film by Deliris, of Tom Carr's project, "footsteps"

A Red Carpet for Orchard Road

Orchard Road, Singapore

all and nothing

Galeria Cadaqués Huc Malla

figures i colors de l’escultura

Continuarà - RTVE

Tom Carr es de plastic

Interview - Canal Reus TV


Oberteuringen, Germany

by Samuel Busch, Novus Media


some videos

second Cocor Media Channel 
video of A/D - Bucahrest
first Cocor Media Channel 
video of A/D - Bucharest
tcteamwork and tcteamworkbis
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“footsteps” project - an image a day as, “food for thought”
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