sculpture / artist book conceived, designed and made by Tom Carr, to contain the printed book “El Jo-Ull / The I-Eye”

24 poems based on Tom Carr’s work by Vicenç Altaió written over the past two decades

prologue by Marc Arnal and the English translation by Marialena Carr - Poesia sèrie CULIP, Llibres del Segle

March 8, 2023 - Fundació Bosch i Cardellach, Sabadell

Anton Carbonell and Patxi Ocio made an introduction and Tom Carr spoke and then Vicenç Altaió and Marialena Carr read some poems.

December 7, 2022 - Fundació Valvi, Girona

The poet and editor, Roger Costa-Pau began and then was followed by Tom Carr and Vicenç Altaió.

October 13, 2022 - agora of the Escola Massana, Barcelona

The philosopher and director of La Massana, Carles Ferrer Panadès spoke at the beginning.  After that, Tom Carr explained some of the origins of the collaborative work and Vicenç Altaió read some of his poems.  Marialena Carr read the translated poems in English.

Past original books and an example of the “eye”, sculpture-book-mask that TC has prepared to accompany this publication, was displayed during all of the presentations.  As were some images of Tom Carr’s sculpture and Altaió’s visual poetry projected on the wall.

photos: Carme Miquel, Paul Carr, Josep Palet i Patxi Ocio